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Until now, we totally sent out more

Huangxiang posted @ 2016年3月04日 10:00 in 未分类 with tags RS GOLD , 94 阅读

Thank you for becoming RSorder newsletter subscribers and Buy RS Gold participate in our promotion, we are sure that you do get the profit from us and enjoy more fun in your runescape game time.
For the past promotion of gift cards for newsletter subscribers, we know if you are RSorder newsletter subscriber, you can receive two big gift cards to enjoy discount for our products. The red gift card for RS gold discount and the blue gift card for RS items discount. Until now, we totally sent out more than 10,000 red gift cards and blue gift cards to our newsletter subscribers. Although this promotion is ended, it is not the terminal.
We will launch new promotions in the near future, so just keep subscribing and being patient for our new gifts.The way you can subscribe RSorder newsletter for Cheap RS Gold the latest news of promotions or other useful things about runescape

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