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The promising future tethered to an oppressive

Huangxiang posted @ 2015年10月04日 10:41 in 未分类 , 108 阅读

The video is shown within a schematic construction of a house where an DarkScape Gold electric fireplace glows and a set of chairs surround a table. Lying on the floor outside the house, the outfits of the gnomes are transformed into the shape of a large intestine wrapped around cases of Corona beer as Mexican Blind Cave Worm. While specific narrative is not Kelley s intention, one is tempted to see these grubby figures as dwellers in darkness outside the colorful and illuminated Kandor.
Haves and have nots? Good and evil? The promising future tethered to an oppressive past? Science fiction, popular culture, memory distortion, a thousand additional sources and potential interpretations, the exhibition once again shows Kelley to be an artist of unbridled invention.Mike Kelley, "Kandor 10 Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstruction 34 Kandor 12 Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstruction 35," Jan. 11 Feb. 19, 2011, at Gagosian Gallery, 456 North Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, Ca. 90210HUNTER DROHOJOWSKA PHILP writes about contemporary art in Los Angeles.About the AuthorPlease continue reading here: a href " artnet "
Art world leading online magazine a and a href " artnet " Artists and Artworks Cheap DarkScape Gold aView PDF Print Viewby: brooke111Total views: 28 Word Count: 943 Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2011 Time: 11:01 PM

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